Carlson Pepper Collaborative designs and conducts qualitative research on some of the toughest problems facing practitioners and policy makers in the field of forced migration, humanitarianism, and development.

Our research services include:

    • Research design 
    • Data collection including interviews, focus groups, participatory methods, and surveys
    • Data analysis
    • Policy review
    • Reporting
    • Policy and programmatic recommendations


We are available to conduct qualitative evaluations of programmes and initiatives. Evaluation is a cornerstone of preparing for and understanding the effect of interventions and assessing opportunities for growth. They often benefit from an external point of view and support for those managing the demands of fast-paced work.

We manage:

    • Evaluation planning, execution, and reporting
    • Formative, summative, and impact evaluation
    • Participatory methods and gender analysis 
    • Developing theory of change
    • Generating outcomes, outputs, and indicators for projects or programmes


Trainings and presentations are an excellent way to not only enhance understanding of refugee and migration issues, but also reinvigorate staff and community buy-in and innovation. Our experience includes training for local and national authorities, frontline professionals supporting refugees and migrants, policy makers, charities, private companies, schools, and volunteers.

We offer:

    • Training programme development and delivery in areas of:
      • Refugee and migrant integration and support
      • Forced migrant experiences (general and/or specific to country of origin)
      • Refugee and migrant cultural orientation
      • Gender considerations
      • Social cohesion
      • Diversity and inclusion practices
      • Corporate social responsibility and engagement
    • Capacity building resource development
    • Training of trainers


Shaping programmes and securing the resources to support them requires organizations to clearly define their vision for the future, assess current gaps, and map out incremental and achievable benefits to target communities. Yet this can be difficult to achieve amongst the urgent demands of ongoing project delivery.

Carlson Pepper Collaborative can assist with services including:

    • Grant proposal development
    • Programmatic and organizational strategy development
    • Policy analysis and development
    • Needs assessments


We cost to meet your budget and timetable. We’re happy to discuss your scope and needs to tailor a budget for you.